Service Industry Academy

Deana Beauford

The Service Industry has long been referred to as a “recession proof” arena. Given the dramatic rise in service industry jobs in the area, Columbus Technical College has been working with local leaders to develop a standardized curriculum that will build a well trained service industry-driven workforce. Students can enter such industries as healthcare, insurance, corporations and hospitality with the skill set needed to provide quality frontline customer service.

Deana W. Beauford
Director, Economic Development

  • Certified Customer Service Specialist
    Program credit hours: 11
    Given the growing trend in customer service positions, certification in this field will make you an asset to any business. Quality customer service skills are invaluable because satisfied customers improve a company’s bottom line and overall reputation.
  • Hospitality Industry Associate
    Program credit hours: 14
    There is a huge demand in this industry. When students finish, they can earn good money, and the credential allows them to advance in the field. Great career opportunities in the food, catering, and hotel industries.
  • Certified Life and Health Insurance Specialist
    Program credit hours: 18
    In today’s workplace, technical knowledge has expanded beyond computer skills and understanding the inner workings of machines. It also means knowing the detailed terms related to specific industries. The Certified Life and Health Insurance Specialist (CLHIS) program prepares students to understand and assist in processing information related to the health and insurance field, while ensuring quality customer service. In approximately six months, students earn a specialized certificate qualifying them for good paying, quality jobs.
  • Financial Services Professional Certificate
    Program credit hours: 19
    Excellent customer service skills, knowing the art of selling, and having a good understanding of financial products and services will go a long way in today’s financial arena. Learn how to successfully close the sale and create long-lasting relationships with customers in the highly competitive financial services environment.